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Digital Publishing and Visual Communication

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Digital Publishing and Visual Communication

The Digital Publishing and Digital Image Communication team of the School of Journalism and Communication of Beijing Normal University consists of six teachers: Professor Yanhua Qin, Professor Anlun Wan , Professor Changxiao Wang, Professor Simon (Zhuhai), Professor Dongyan Wu and Associate Professor Shen Jiang.

The team has always been aiming at building a unique and first-class media discipline, taking it as its own responsibility to cultivate a media who can "spread the salary and spread the fire", actively serving the major strategic needs of the country, and contributing to the construction of a social science discipline system, academic system and discourse system with Chinese characteristics. Based on this, the digital publishing and digital image communication team closely focuses on the research direction of "digital publishing, digital image communication, digital humanities", and plays a major role in the fields of education power, science and technology power, network power, digital China, and cultural communication.

In the three research directions of digital publishing, digital image communication and digital humanities, the team has the following main concerns: In the direction of digital publishing, the team pays more attention to the four research directions of "NFT boom in digital publishing field", "Industrial transformation of publishing industry in the era of big data", "audio reading" and "comprehensive extension of digital publishing field to e-sports industry"; In the direction of digital image communication, the team is currently focusing on five aspects: "How to innovate the economic system of the film industry with Chinese characteristics", "Research on word-of-mouth communication based on images", "Construction strategy of streaming media film and television platform and national communication".

 Teacher's introduction


Yanhua Qin,Professor and Doctoral Supervisor at the School of Journalism and Communication, Beijing Normal University.Director of "Key Laboratory of Big Data Analysis and Application of User Behavior in Publishing industry", Key Laboratory of Technology and Standards of Publishing Industry, National Press and Publication Administration.Executive Director of User Behavior Tracking and Analysis Laboratory of Big Data of Press and Publication, Key Laboratory of State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television.


Anlun Wan, Doctor of Literature, is a professor and doctoral supervisor in the School of Journalism and Communication at Beijing Normal University (BNU), China.


Changxiao Wangis a professor at the school of Journalism and communication of Beijing Normal University, Ph.D supervisor, Doctor of Journalism.


Professor Dongyan Wu: Beijing Normal University School of Journalism and Communication teacher, Doctor of literature, senior editor.


Associate Professor Shen Jiang: Associate Professor and doctoral supervisor of School of Journalism and Communication, Beijing Normal University. Member of the Professional Committee of Network Technology and Intelligent Media Design.

Partial academic achievements:


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